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Public Relations
We understand that maintaining an outstanding public image is critical for the success of any company. Maine’s businesses and non-profit organizations count on CashComm to deliver best-in-class Maine public relations services to ensure that communications strategy serves the organization as well as the public interest. Our years in local media, as well as our tenure providing services to the Maine Governor’s office guarantee that our experience and proven success will be put to work ensuring your continued success.

Media Outreach
Most organizations understand the importance of communicating to the media in a consistent and positive manner. When organizational messaging lacks consistency, it lacks credibility. Cashman Communications will work with your organization to develop clear; positive messaging that maximizes exposure and minimizes costs. Our experience and success working across Maine media outlets guarantees that the strategic goals of your organization are always achieved.

Public Outreach
We work hard at Cashman Communications to make sure that your organization’s message is delivered to its intended audience. We start by developing a well-defined relationship with you… a relationship that will provide us with the knowledge to execute your organization’s strategy. To that end, we bring a diverse set of skills and a substantial understanding of our industry to your doorstep. And that allows us to help you reach further.

Earned Media Organization
What is “earned media”? Simply put, it’s getting you in the news! We make every attempt to showcase your business or organization in the media. News coverage adds influence and credibility to your company’s message because it’s distributed through a trustworthy third-party organization. Traditional mainstream outlets like print, television, and radio are typical forms of earned media. When incorporated into your marketing communications plan, earned media coverage is a commanding device.

Media Coaching
Being an effective communicator doesn’t come easy… at least, not to most people. At Cashman Communications we offer you the tools to take control of your media appearances.  The skill set we provide enables you to address difficult questions with on-point answers that support your overall message.

Crisis Management
When a major event threatens to harm an organization or the general public, executing a well-defined crisis communications plan is critical in controlling the message… as well as the outcome. Because crisis management deals with threats after they have occurred, the short decision time between messaging development and execution of the communication is typically very short. Cashman Communications has realized some of our greatest successes during our clients most challenging times. Our firm will ensure that you are in the driver's seat while executing your crisis management communication plan.

Creative Consulting
You talk and we listen! Our goal is to understand every aspect of your organization or business and then help you focus your initiative through careful management of your marketing efforts. Cashman Communications has several years of creative experience – and we partner with some of the most talented businesses in Maine. And that means that your company receives the highest quality consultation. A focused company is a successful company.
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"I've worked with Dan Cashman for a number of years through the Relay for Life where he has performed a variety of roles.  Dan carried each role he took on to it's fullest potential, helping to make the Old Town Relay the great event it is today!"  -Mike Hart, Relay For Life